Campus Security Information



Office Hours - 8 - 4:30  Monday through Friday.....  665-3590 or 3590

For Emergencies and after hour calls

 (Life or property being threatened or to report a crime)

 Monday - Thursday - 6pm to 6am ..... 665-3379 or 3379

 Friday, Saturday & Sunday - 10pm to 6am



The HCC Security Office provides basic information about how the college and its employees can work together for a safer and more secure educational environment.

Questions about campus security and/or campus safety should be addressed to the Office of Facilities and Campus Security at 665-3590, in the Office Technologies Building. Office hours are 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Offices are closed during college-recognized holidays.

HCC Security Officers work with HCC students and employees to make sure the campus is as safe a place as possible for students, faculty and staff.

Reporting Crimes and Other Emergencies

If a crime is committed on campus (such as murder, sexual offense, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary or motor vehicle theft), a victim and/or witness should report the occurrence to the proper authorities by calling 911.

Such crimes when committed on campus should subsequently be reported to the HCC Security Office (665-3590). The Security Office will consult with police agencies investigating cases and assist as needed.

HCC's policy is that all emergencies threatening immediate danger to life or property should be reported to 911.

Subsequently, such emergencies should be reported to the HCC Security Office.

Current Policies for Securing and Restricting Access

Access is restricted in both of Hutchinson Community College's residence halls. Visitors are logged in and out when the hall desk is open. More information about the hall desk and residence hall policies is available in the Resident Hall Handbook.

Visitors and residents usually have access to campus buildings between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. If the hours of a facility differ from these normal operating hours, a sign posted at the main entrance indicates the hours of access. HCC Security Officers patrol the campus on a regular basis.

Parking lots, which are restricted to vehicles with valid parking permits, are patrolled on a regular basis by HCC Security Officers.

Intercollegiate athletic facilities and events are restricted to paying customers, students with current student IDs and faculty and staff with All Sports Tickets. Access during athletic events is controlled and security is provided as needed and required.

Any unauthorized person or persons found using HCC property and/or equipment or behaving in a manner that is not conducive to the maintenance of a proper educational environment will be asked to leave the campus at once. If there is a repeat offense or if such person or persons refuse the request, local law enforcement officers may be called to campus to issue a trespassing citation.

Current Policies for Publicizing Security Efforts

The Director of Facilities and Campus Security offers information on campus safety and campus crime prevention. A standing subcommittee — the HCC Safety and Security Subcommittee — makes recommendations for improving campus safety and preventing campus crime. This committee (consisting of faculty, staff and students) seeks college- wide involvement in its activities. The Director of Facilities and Campus Security is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the HCC security efforts. This person reports to and receives directions from the Director of Facilities, who in turn receives recommendations from the HCC Safety and Security Subcommittee.

Enforcement Authority of HCC Security Personnel

The Hutchinson Community College security philosophy is to provide assistance, observation and support. The HCC Security Officers DO NOT carry firearms. The HCC Security Office has a close working relationship with local law enforcement agencies.

Policies to Encourage Prompt and Accurate Reporting of All Crimes

College personnel encourage the prompt reporting of all crimes and suspicious activities. The prompt reporting of crimes is encouraged through various printed materials given to students, faculty and staff personnel.

Programs to Inform Employees and Students About Campus Security

Campus security procedures are provided to students as part of the HCC Student Handbook.

Orientation programs for new staff and faculty also include information about security procedures.

Monitoring and Recording of Criminal Activities at HCC's Off-Campus Sites

The HCC Security Office confers with local law enforcement agencies on statistics concerning crimes committed at off-campus sites. These statistics, combined with those kept by the college, will be disseminated to the college community.

The HCC Drug and Alcohol Policy

Protecting Yourself From Campus Crime

The following list presents ideas and instructions that can aid in preventing possible criminal activity and assault:

Walk on designated paths and stay away from areas that are not well illuminated.

Walk with other persons whenever possible.

When you park your car, roll up your windows and lock all the doors.

Tell a friend where you are going and when you expect to return.

Carry sufficient money at all times to make a telephone call or call a cab.

Be aware of what is going on around you at all times.

Statistics for Crimes on Campus

Statistics for reportable crimes will be made available to students and their families, faculty, staff and the general public in accordance with the following timetable:

A. Reports required on September 1 of each year since 1992 have included statistics concerning the occurrence of offenses on campus. The 1994 report covers the time period from August 1, 1991, through December 31, 1993.

B. A report required on Sept. 1, 1995, and each succeeding year, will include statistics concerning the occurrence on campus of offenses during three (3) calendar years preceding the year in which the report is made.

The reportable offenses are as follows: (A) Murder/Non-negligent manslaughter, negligent manslaughter, (B) Sexual Offense, forcible. non-forcible (includes only incest and statutory rape, (C) Robbery, (D) Aggravated Assault, (E) Burglary and (F) Motor theft (G) Arson.

Also reportable are the following crimes on campus that lead to an arrest: (A) Liquor law violations, (B) Drug abuse violations and (C) Weapons possession.

The HCC Security Office (665-3590) compiles crime statistics for any of these listed incidents: (1) one that occurs at any building or property owned or controlled by the college within the same reasonable continuous geographic area and used by the college in direct support of or related to its educational purposes; or (2) one that occurs in any building or property owned or controlled by student organizations recognized by the college.

These crime statistics are listed below and can also be found at the Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education's Campus Security Statistics website

Campus Security Statistics