Concealed Carry

POLICY PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to describe how concealed handguns may be carried on the campus of Hutchinson Community College (the “College”) in accordance with Kansas law, specifically the personal and family protection act, K.S.A 75-7c01 et seq., as amended (the “Act”)

APPLIES TO: Everyone on Campus

DEFINITIONS: Concealed Carry Defined. Individuals who carry a handgun on or in any building located on the grounds of the College and any building leased by the College must carry it concealed at all times. Individuals who choose to carry a concealed handgun are responsible for doing so in strict compliance with the Act, other applicable Kansas laws and regulations and with the College policies.

With respect to this policy, a concealed handgun shall remain at all times within the person’s exclusive control except when used for personal or family protection in accordance with applicable law.

Geographic Applicability. This policy is applicable only within the geographic limits of the campus of the College and within locations owned or leased by the College that are not part of the College campus, provided that such locations are located within the State of Kansas. The owners of facilities leased or used on a temporary basis by the College and who may lawfully exclude or permit firearms at their premises (concealed or otherwise) may choose at their sole discretion to exclude or permit concealed firearms from their property, notwithstanding use by the College.

Campus Gun Free Locations with Adequate Security Measures. Each location within the geographic applicability of this policy designated as gun free with “adequate security measures,” as defined by Kansas law, will be identified with appropriate signs in accordance with Kansas law. There are no College locations that currently are designated as gun free with permanent adequate security measures. The College may from time to time designate a specific location as gun free and use adequate security measures as defined and required by law. Appropriate notice will be given of any such designation.

Prohibitions. Open carry of firearms by any means is prohibited. The carrying of any rifle, shotgun, or other long gun by any means is prohibited. The carrying of any firearm, concealed or otherwise, is prohibited in any location or under any circumstances prohibited by the applicable federal or state law.

Restrictions to the Carrying of a Concealed Firearm Pursuant to Kansas Law: Kansas law states that the only type of firearm that an individual can carry while concealed is a handgun. Nothing in this policy is intended to replace municipal, state or federal law regarding weapons, firearms, explosives and other hazardous objects or substances or be inconsistent with the rights afforded a lawfully commissioned peace officer. Restrictions applicable to concealed carrying of a handgun under Kansas law include but are not limited to the following:

Violations of any of such restrictions may constitute a criminal offense under applicable Kansas law. Persons who violate any provision of this policy or applicable Kansas law shall be subject to the disciplinary actions in accordance with the policies and procedures of the College. Violations also may be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.