Community Services and Use of College Facilities

The Board of Trustees of Hutchinson Community College is committed to the practice of community education and community service, and to the concept of life-long learning. For this reason, the Board believes that the resources and facilities of Hutchinson Community College should be made available to all citizens of the community.The Board recognizes that its first priority must be to the educational program for its students. With this reservation, that the college have first priority in use, the Board commits itself to providing its facilities and resources to community organizations.In order to serve its community, the Board will provide, at no or minimal cost, facilities and resources, within its legal restrictions, to non-profit community groups and organizations.The President of the college is hereby directed to review any policies and/or procedures which are contrary to the intent of this policy.  Specifically, the President is directed to recommend to the Board a fee structure for facilities use, but allowed to waive or reduce those fees which inhibit the development of this policy.The President is further directed to develop administrative procedures which enhance, encourage, and coordinate community use of facilities with the regular college use.