Student Health Services

The Hutchinson Area Student Health Services (HASHS) provides primary care for illnesses, minor injuries, family planning and health-related social issues for HCC students with a current HCC student ID.  At the student’s request, the HASHS staff will consult with the student’s hometown physician. The medical staff consists of physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are under the supervision of a local physician.

HASHS suggests that students establish themselves with a local physician for the management of chronic medical problems. HASHS will assist with referrals if desired.

HASHS prefers to see patients by appointment only, but every effort is made to offer same-day appointments.  It is important that students call or stop by to make an appointment no later than 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. because the medical staff leaves for the day after the last appointment. Students need to present their HCC student ID at the time of the appointment.  Walk in appointments will be seen only if staff schedules allow.

HCC student enrollment fees cover only the cost of office visits. Medications, labs, x-rays, etc.are not included.  Hospitalization and emergency room visits also are not included.  HCC Students are encouraged to carry private medical insurance to cover these expenses.  Information about insurance plans for students is available in the Student Success Center, Parker Student Union.