Graduation Rates


Undergraduate Retention Rate Fall 2021 Cohort
 CohortStill EnrolledRate
First-time, full-time student retention rate73740555%
First-time, part-time student retention rate1867038%


Completion / Graduation / Transfer Out Rates
First-Time, Full-Time Degree/Certificate Seeking Students of the 2019
Cohort Year As Reported in the 2022-23 IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey
Overall Graduation Rate
Graduation Rate46%
Total number of students in the Adjusted Cohort820
Total number of completers within 150% of normal time379
Overall Transfer-out Rate
Transfer-out Rate20%
Total number of students in the Adjusted Cohort820
Total number of transfers-out within 150% of normal time163


First-Time Full-Time Degree or Certificate Seeking Students of the
2019 Cohort Year Who Completed within 150% of Normal Time
Full-time, first-time, degree/certificate-seeking cohort82037946%
Recipients of a Pell Grant39416843%
Recipients of a Subsidized Stafford Loan/no Pell Grant431944%
Did not receive either Pell Grant or Subsidized Loan38319250%


Outcome Measures Component Summary - Graduation Rates at 4, 6 and 8 years for PELL and non-PELL recipients
2014-2015 Cohort4-year6-year8-yearStill enrolledDid not receive an award and subsequently enrolled at another institution
Award RateAward RateAward Rateat your institution
   after 8 years
First-time entering
     Pell Grant recipients32%34%35%2%30%
     Non‑Pell Grant recipients46%49%50%1%23%
     Pell Grant recipients14%17%17%2%25%
     Non‑Pell Grant recipients9%11%12%3%27%
Non-First-time entering
     Pell Grant recipients42%43%44%1%32%
     Non‑Pell Grant recipients51%53%53%3%23%
     Pell Grant recipients35%36%37%1%29%
     Non‑Pell Grant recipients21%24%25%1%36%
Total Entering32%34%35%1%28%
     Pell Grant recipients31%32%33%2%29%
     Non‑Pell Grant recipients33%36%37%1%27%


First-Time, Full-Time Degree or Certificate Seeking Students of the 2018 Cohort Year Who Completed
 or Transferred Within 150% of Normal Time
 Total CompletersTotal Transfer-Out
U.S. Nonresident**********0%*********0%*********0%*********0%
American Indian or Alaska Native**********0%*********0%*********0%*********0%
Black or African American364%61%304%*********1%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander**********0%*********0%*********0%*********0%
Two or more races**********1%*********1%*********1%*********0%
Race and ethnicity unknown172%*********1%*********1%*********0%
***Disaggregated groups of <10 students suppressed to protect student privacy        



4-Year Average Graduation & Transfer Rates
 20162017201820194-year Total
Adjusted cohort9348688148203436
Total completers within 150%3943823573791512
Total transfer-out students200188142163693
4-year average Student Right-to-Know Completion or Graduation Rate Calculation44%
   (Total Completers within 150% / Adjusted Cohort)
4-year average Student Right-to-Know Transfer-out Rate Calculation20%
   (Total Transfer-out Students / Adjusted Cohort)