Traffic Regulations

These regulations are intended to provide guidelines to the behavior expected of all members of HutchCC in their capacities as motor vehicle owners and operators.

  1. Registration of Motor Vehicles

    1. All motor vehicles of any type, which will be driven to school by students, faculty or staff, must be registered during student registration or at the Information Center in the Parker Student Union.  Students may enter required data on-line by accessing their DragonZone account and completing the form.

      1. The vehicle license plate number is required at registration.

      2. Such registration does not, by itself, authorize motor vehicles to be parked on campus except as provided in Item II, C., 6 below.

  2. Parking Regulations

    1. Registration

      1. Students, faculty, and staff desiring to park a motor vehicle on campus must first register the vehicle in accordance with Item 1, above.  The college campus includes:

        1. North lot

        2. Northeast lot (reserved for Dorm South  Residence Hall students)

        3. South lot

        4. 12th Street lot

        5. Arena lot

        6. Residence Hall lots

        7. South Campus area

        8. Davis Hall

        9. Davis Hall East

        10. Building 12

        11. 15th Street lot

        12. RCIC

        13. Fine Arts

        14. Office Technologies

      2. Permits may be obtained from the Information Center in the Parker Student Union during the regular office hours.  The vehicle license plate number and description of each vehicle is required for a parking permit.

      3. The parking permit must be displayed in the lower outside section of the rear window on the driver’s side, in such a manner as to be clearly visible to campus security officers.  DO NOT PUT PERMIT ON BUMPER!

      4. The year and number of the permit must be visible and legible.  If the permit has been damaged so that the year or number may not be clearly read, the holder of the permit must return it to the Information Center to obtain a new permit.

      5. If a vehicle which has been registered for parking is disposed of, or replaced, the Information Center should be advised as soon as possible.

    2. Fees for Vehicle Permits

      1. No separate fee is charged

    3. Areas Authorized for parking

      1. Student, Faculty and Staff motor vehicles, other than two-wheeled, may be parked:  in all stall unless otherwise designated by curb or sign markings.

      2. Residence hall students may not park on the main campus before 1:00 p.m. on weekdays except for residents with a Dorm South permit and the ONLY in the northeast lot. Violations are subject to ticketing.  Students who reside in residence hall are to use residence hall parking lots only.  Students assigned parking in the DS lot may not park in the Kent or Elland Hall lots

      3. Two-wheeled motor vehicles operated by students, faculty, and staff must be parked in the areas specified for motorcycles.

      4. Sports Arena parking is restricted to parking stalls only.  Vehicles parked in yellow curbed area are subject to ticketing.

      5. Students, faculty, or staff members can not park in stalls marked for visitors, and are subject to ticketing.

      6. Properly registered vehicles, (displaying parking permits), may be allowed to park for loading and unloading of school related materials.  Campus security personnel should be consulted for authorization in order to avoid being fined for improper parking.

    4. Proper placement of vehicles parked in stalls

      1. All vehicles must be parked forward in stalls so the entire vehicle is within the painted lines.

  3. Traffic Regulations

    1. All state and local traffic regulations will be enforced on campus.  City police, at the college’s request, may impound vehicles for excessive violations.

    2. Directional and one-way sign compliance will be enforced.

    3. The campus speed limit is 10 mph.

    4. Due regard must be given to conditions of weather, visibility, crowds, etc., when determining the maximum safe speed.

    5. Yellow curbed or lined out areas are restricted “No Parking.”  Red-lined areas are for visitors.

    6. Parking for the handicapped will be designated.  Federal regulations call for 24-hour control and are subject to ticketing by HutchCC Security and local law enforcement.

    7. The 10-minute loading & unloading zones will be enforced for all college personnel.

    8. Fire lanes must be open at all times.

Adhere to College Parking Zones in and around campus, including city streets.


  1. Enforcement of Regulations and Fines for Violations

    1. Tickets may be issued for violations from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on school days.  Tickets may be issued on a 24-hour basis for parking violations in a designated handicapped area or fire lane.  During the summer sessions, vehicles are not required to have permits.

    2. It is the duty of campus security personnel to determine when a violation has occurred and whether such violation warrants a ticket.  In the event that the recipient of a ticket feels it may not have been justified, the campus security officer may be consulted.

    3. The Student Government Association holds traffic court in order to hear appeals from students who challenge their parking tickets.  Any ticket issued by campus security personnel may be appealed by filling out an appeal form available at the Information Center and then making a personal appearance before the student traffic court.  Any fines must be paid prior to filing an appeal.

    4. Tickets will be issued and fines assessed for violation of college parking zones on campus and surrounding streets.

    5. If the driver of a vehicle is not the holder of the parking permit displayed on the vehicle, both the driver and the holder of the permit may be liable for any fines incurred by traffic or parking violations.

    6. Temporary permits may be obtained at the Information Center.

    7. Fines

      1. Fines are to be paid within three school days of issuance of the ticket.

      2. $10.00 per violation

      3. Unpaid fines will be treated, as any other debt owed to the college and will be subject to appropriate methods of collection.

      4. Parking in a handicapped stall $50.00.