Emotional Support Animal/Service Animal Guidelines and Agreement


Service/Support Animal

Guidelines and Agreement– Student Housing:

Student Responsibilities:

1. Requirements of Service/Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and their owners include:

  1. Animals must be licensed and/or registered in accordance with city regulations, and if appropriate, must wear a valid vaccination tag.
  2. Animals must be in good health. A clean bill of health from a licensed veterinarian must be provided to the college before entering student housing and annually thereafter. Student must keep all required vaccinations current.
  3. The animal must have identification at all times. Microchip identification is sufficient if it is a small animal that may not tolerate a collar and tag. An exception can be made for animals that are primarily caged and confined to the residence.

2. Student is responsible for the behavior of the animal at all times.  A student may be directed to remove an animal that is unruly or disruptive (e.g. barking excessively, running around, bringing attention to itself, jumping up on people, exhibiting aggressive behavior, repeated soiling of facilities) if the student is unable or unwilling to take action to control the animal.

3. All service and support animals must be housebroken. Student must clean up after the animal. The student is financially responsible for the actions of the animal including bodily injury or property damage.

4. Student must ensure that the animal is kept clean and well-groomed. Animals that are excessively unclean (e.g. repeated soiling of facilities, flea-infested, foul-smelling and/or shedding excessively) may be excluded from HCC facilities.

5. Animals must be leashed using a leash that is 6’ in length or less, harness or tether, or securely confined in a crate, cage or carrier, unless (1) the student is unable to use a leash, harness, or tether due to disability or (2) use of such a restraint would impede the animal’s safe and effective performance of its work or task. 

6. Student is responsible for any damage caused by the animal and must take appropriate precautions to prevent property damage or injury. The student is financially responsible for the actions of the animal including bodily injury or property damage, including but not limited to any replacement of furniture, carpet, drapes or wall covering, etc.  The student is expected to cover repair and property damage costs.

7. The student is responsible for any cleaning expenses HCC incurs which is above and beyond normal cleaning, including removal of odors caused by the animal, or for repairs to the college premises.

8. As a necessary and agreed upon service, HCC Student Housing may enter the student’s residence to determine the need and extent of management of fleas, ticks, or other pests introduced by service/support animals as needed. An HCC approved pest control service will perform any necessary fumigation services, and the student will be billed for the expense of any pest treatment above and beyond normal required pest management.

9. Student must notify Office of Accessibility Services if they want to change support animals or add additional support animals.

10. In the absence of the student, the animal may not remain in student housing for more than a total of Twelve (12) hours for any continuous duration.  If the student is not able to respond to the animal within this time frame due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. hospitalization, accident) family members will be contacted to come pick up the animal.

11. Student will provide contact information for an alternate responsible party off campus, in the event that the student is gone for more than 12 hours (i.e. hospitalization). This person will be contacted to pick up the animal if the student cannot be reached after the allowed time frame. If this person cannot be reached or is unable to pick up the animal, the animal will be taken to a local shelter or boarding facility until the student or designated party is able to pick it up. Student will be responsible for any charges incurred with the boarding.

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