Anti-Tobacco Procedure

Designated tobacco usage areas on campus:

  1. Lockman, Rimmer, and Science Hall -  Crimson Courtyard area (Cement slab south of LH, farthest west bench)
  2. Parker Student Union – Cement area near cafeteria loading dock.
  3. STC and OT - The former Radio KS Tower area east of STC/north of OT
  4. Stringer Fine Arts Center  - Open area south of the building
  5. Sports Arena – SW Corner which is the current location
  6. Channel 12 Building – South side of the building
  7. Davis Hall/Quest Center – A location away from the direct route from DH to QC, so around the corner or under the tree
  8. South Campus –

    Pioneer Hall – Patio area at back of building
    Wagner Hall – North side of building but far enough west so as not to interfere with the EMS areas on the east side of the north side of the building
    Cameron Hall – West side
    Fire Science East and NE – West side of Fire Science East Building
    Ag Diesel – Outside the west classroom door

  9. McPherson – The bench to the east of the front door
  10. Newton – Slab of concrete on the South side of the building
  11. ITC and Ade-Wifco – Southwest corner near the scrap metal bins