Withdrawal from a Course

Complete Withdrawal from the Institution
Registered students, who are within the published withdrawal date, who wish to withdraw completely from the institution, should log in to DragonZone, navigate to their course schedule, and click the Withdrawal button for all courses listed. Students are officially withdrawn and receive the designation of "W" immediately. Refunds to students who complete this transaction will be awarded according to the refund policy as listed in the catalog.

Emergency Withdrawal

After the withdrawal period has ended, requests for emergency withdrawal must be submitted in writing by the student making the request to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The request will be reviewed, and the decision will be returned to the student within 30 calendar days.

Course Withdrawal
The withdrawal process becomes effective immediately after the period allowed for schedule changes.

Registered students wishing to withdraw from a course must do so on or prior to the date that corresponds to 80 percent completion of the course. The withdraw date is published on the schedule. Students who complete this transaction will receive the designation of "W" for the course. To complete the withdrawal procedure, students will log in to Dragon Zone, navigate to their course schedule, locate the course they wish to withdraw from, and click the Withdraw button. Students are officially withdrawn immediately.