Technical Program - Retraining Guarantee

Hutchinson Community College guarantees that students successfully completing technical programs at HCC with an Associate in Applied Science Degree or a Certificate will have mastered the occupational competencies identified in the program. This guarantee, good for six months after program completion, assures that the student will be prepared for the technical career area that he or she has selected.

Hutchinson Community College guarantees that students successfully completing HCC technical programs will have the competencies and skills identified in the career program. If an HCC graduate is judged by his or her employer to be lacking in job-entry-level skills that the graduate successfully completed in the program, the institution will provide needed retraining for the specific skill or skills according to the following conditions:

  1. The student must have earned an associate in applied science degree or a certificate in an approved technical program identified in the college catalog.
  2. The graduate must be employed full-time in an area directly related to the technical program from which he or she graduated.
  3. The retraining guarantee applies to training received within the last two semesters of completion of the degree/certificate.
  4. This guarantee applies only to those competencies identified within the student’s designated degree and certificate plan and taught at Hutchinson Community College.
  5. The institution will provide the identified needed training at the earliest time the skill or skills are taught as part of an existing course. If student space is not available for retraining within one year after program completion, the student will receive preferential placement for retraining at the next time that skill is taught.
  6. The guarantee does not imply that the graduate will pass any licensing or qualifying examination for a particular career.
  7. Hutchinson Community College is not responsible for the cost of books, insurance, uniforms, fees and other course-related expenses.