Grades and Grade Reports

Grades of A, B, C, D, F (Failure), I (Incomplete) and P (Pass) and designations of R (Re-enrollment), W (Withdrawal) and Credit/No Credit are used.  Final course grades are made available online through HutchCC’s virtual campus. At their discretion, college officials may send students other reports.

Incomplete Grades
Instructors may give a student a grade of Incomplete (I) under the following conditions:

  1. The student must initiate the request prior to the time final course grades are submitted to Records.
  2. The request must be made because of an emergency, illness or otherwise unavoidable life-event.
  3. The instructor must agree to the request before a grade of incomplete can be submitted.
  4. A written contract between the instructor and student, signed by both, will document the work required and date needed to complete course work.
  5. If a student does not complete the course requirements within the timeframe established by the instructor, a grade of "F" will be recorded on the student's transcript at the end of the following semester.

Grade of "R" - Re-enrollment
A student who earns a grade of "R" has demonstrated satisfactory progress towards completion of, but has not met, all of the competencies needed to pass the designated developmental course as determined by the instructor.  (See course list below)  A student may not receive a grade of "R" for the same course more than twice.