Appeal Past Academic Record - Grade Expungement

In order to provide a reasonable means by which students can appeal their past HutchCC academic record, the following procedures have been established:

A student may appeal for a grade change that affects either changing one grade in a semester or any combination of grades in a single semester to a grade of W (Withdrawal). Academic grade changes can be granted only once at HutchCC.

Students who have shown academic progress by completing 12 hours with at least a 2.00 GPA at HutchCC or any other accredited institution may petition through the Grade Expungement Committee only for those courses taken three or more years ago.

Students can begin in the grade expungement process by filing a written request with the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will chair a grade expungement committee consisting of at least three faculty members and the college registrar.

The grades carry an appropriate notation and the date the exclusion was granted. Courses excluded from grade point computation cannot be used to fulfill graduation requirements or to determine extracurricular activity eligibility.