Academic Honesty Policy

Students who engage in academic dishonesty bring discredit upon Hutchinson Community College as well as themselves. HCC students are thus required to maintain honesty in their academic pursuits. The administrators and faculty at Hutchinson Community College require students to do the following:

  1. Submit examinations, themes, reports, drawings, laboratory notes and other work that represent the students' best efforts without cheating, plagiarizing, or misrepresenting.
  2. Provide all academic records such as transcripts and test scores that are free of falsification, forgery or alteration.
  3. Refrain from participating in the academic dishonesty of any person.

Sanctions for Violation: Students suspected of engaging in academic dishonesty may be charged in writing by the instructor and be subject to failure of the work in question and/or failure and dismissal from the course in which the dishonesty occurs. Students failed and/or dismissed by an instructor from a course as a result of academic dishonesty will not be allowed to take a "W" for the course. Instructors may also recommend to the Vice President of Academic Affairs that such students be dismissed from the program and/or the institution.

Students charged with academic dishonesty have the right of appeal and are assured of due process by the institution through the Academic Appeal process.